Star Trek: Into Darkness

The more clips that come out about this movie, the less I am interested in seeing it.

I like Gene Roddenberry's vision of a hopeful future Star Trek.  Rick Bermans' WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!! Star Trek is more like Star Wars.


I'll Never Understand

Guys who flush the urinal before they pee.


Kristen Kreuk is Everywhere

I'm very happy that Kristen Kreuk is a regular on a TV series again, and happier still this cord cutter receives the CW over the air.  But, an odd thing happened last night.

I was watching another new CW series, Arrow, while Kreuk's new show "Beauty and the Beast" was being recorded.  In the last fight of the episode, Oliver is battling in ... the Tomb of the Nameless Ones from The Tomb of Atuan, staring Kristen Kreuk.
In Tomb, Ms. Kreuk's character is in that room with the wizard Ged, whose true name is Sparrow-hawk and who at one point in the movie is shot by an Arrow.
Now, if only I could tie it in to Ms. Kreuk's 4-episode cameo on Chuck a couple of years ago, because I need an excuse to watch the scene where she walks into the Buy More again.  It's ridiculous, but damn.



This may come as a surprise

to many (perhaps even a majority) of drivers: the speed limit is the same in all lanes and your $100,000 car neither impresses me nor gives an exeption from the law.


It Used to Be

that when I needed a few transparencies for my home printer I would grab a handful from the supply cabinet at work.  A box of 50 was only about $15, so no big deal.  Well, now we don't use transparencies at work; I don't know a business that would, really.

But, I need some.  I've got to print a circuit on one so I can etch it onto a board.  So I ordered some.

They are not used as much, so the price is now $50 for a box of 50.  At that price, I'll be cutting them down to size before printing to reduce waste, because, wow.